Saturday, 14 May 2011


I'm sorry to say but I've decided to not post in this blog anymore. I've been why too busy to be keeping up with 3 blogs even though I haven't been posting well enough... But dun worry I'm still blogging in two.

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Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Heyy peoples!
Sorry for not posting alot I was a bit too busy with my other blogs ( )
For those who haven't read the novel or graphic novel of Coraline, you really should!!! Although I haven't really read the novel since 2006 when I was 8. I found this scene (Graphic Novel) in the Cellar really creepy. I mean, who wouldn't be scared if this rotten alive man that looked like a zombie tried to get you? Her other mother looked kinda scary aswell...Eeeek!
I'd rate the novel and graphic novel 4 notes out of 5 ♫♪♫♪
I'd love to hear from you!

Anyways, thankyou so much to Jessica for following!!!!! You go gal!
I also discovered a new blog for all those Coraline fans!
Do visit it if you like!


Sunday, 10 April 2011

Coraline dot com

Visit! Create your on flowers, stick button on your eyes and wander around the place! Go to the well and it will show you the behind the scenes documentaries. The button eyes place is where you upload a picture of someone or yourself and choose a button.
In Miss Spink and Forcibles, they will tell your future!
Hope you enjoy the site.
Just to let you know, I'm not going to blog for 6 days since I'm going to this Camp. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Introducing some of the chracters!

Coraline Jones
Brave, clever, curious and a self-proclaimed 11-year-old explorer.
She is aggravated by crazy adults, not being taken seriously, and people constantly mistaking her name for Caroline.

Mel Jones
Coraline's busy mother. In the movie, Mel has a neck brace around her neck. Mel is a writer working on a gardening catalog. She loves her daughter, but is very busy and doesn't always give her the attention that Coraline thinks she needs. The Other Mother has a turtleneck jumper instead.The Other Mother is the creator of the other world and its inhabitants.  

Charlie Jones
Coraline's father.
The other father is a singer-pianist, as well as a gardener. He acts like the other mother's slave, showing a scared and traumatized attitude.

Wyborne Lovat
The strange, nervous 11-year-old grandson of Coraline's landlady. Wybie is a character introduced for the film adaptation so that the viewer "wouldn't have a girl walking around, occasionally talking to herself. He wears a metallic skull mask with a three-piece turret lens as well as a handmade motorized bicycle used to patrol the woods. The Other Wybie is very sweet and has been rendered incapable of speech by the Other Mother as she thought Coraline would prefer him that way.

The cat
A nameless black cat from Coraline's world who appears and disappears at will and has the ability to speak in the Other World. He forms a bond with Coraline and acts as her guide and mentor throughout her journey.

Hi there!

Welcome to !
This is sort of like a fan club, picture paradise and the story. I hope you can roam around the blog and follow it. Unfortunately my name isn't Coraline. But I wish it was XD
My name is Caitlyn and you can check out my other blogs too! I love adventures and sweets. They both just excite me. I'm not sure if this blog will be sucessful or not but I'll give it go.
If you have any tips or questions, just leave a comment or send me a messege.

Best Wishes
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